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The Child Of Nomenclature: Haikus - 20 Minutes Into The Future: Do My Kisses Burn, Baby?
The Meandering Vicissitudes of Crispin Sands
The Child Of Nomenclature: Haikus
The following verses represent my first attempt at haikus, I'm trying to investigate various forms of poetry for the purpose of expanding my skills in the realm of writing. I got the idea to do haikus from Evie—herself a very adept practitioner of the art—and she gave me a book called The Haiku Handbook to help me along. Anyway, here are my first three attempts:

Little buzzing fly,
     you bother me no more:
          You are the Buddha.

Friend, what is writing?
     It demands nothing less than
          the rape of my soul.

Bright paper dragons
     winding through Chinatown
     atop the dancing men's backs:
          The Year of the Rat.

Dark Alley: Seattle, Washington: Chinatown
Noise: Gary Numan · Listen To My Voice